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During 12th World Congress on Human Reproduction pharmaceutical corporation Schering represented totals for large-scale marketing research (User Satisfaction Study) on new oral contraceptive Yasmin®.

This research took place in 15th European countries(France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, and the UK). Within the research, 10 947 consumers of Yasmin were interviewed.

Results of this survey revealed that Yasmin is the most popular oral contraceptive in the world: today it is used by 4 million women in 72 countries.

The interview revealed that the main reason for every third woman to buy Yasmin are side effects of other contraceptive medicine. Around 40% woman noted the growth in weight after using the previous contraceptive, that’s why they should stop taking it.

Among other reasons that were mentioned, there were also: need in actual and safe contraception (28% of respondents), desire to use the most effective contraceptive (4%), healthcare (9%). Wish to improve skin and heir condition motivated the decision of 18% respondents, 13% wanted to normalize their menstrual cycle.

37% respondents that in primary interview noticed problems with skin while taking other contraceptive were interviewed again. 74% of them noticed relief, 11% were unable to answer and only14% didn’t notice positive changes.

Another criteria, that conspicuously indicate the advantages of Yasmin is general health improvement. 62% of those who use Yasmin now notice better health state than before they start using Yasmin.

82% of respondents are ready to recommend Yasmin to their friends.

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